Three Amazing Lawn Care Tips

A Green and Full of Lush Lawn

The fun can be taken to a whole new level in the comfort of your lawn. You’ll need to put in enough effort in taking care of your lawn if you are to enjoy the time of your life. Most of them would love to know the best fertilizers, the ideal grass height, and the most appropriate maintenance practices given that the winter season has a way of messing up your adorable lawn. Read on to find out lawn care tips that will help you create a lush, green lawn.

Mow your Lawn

The advent of summer and spring is usually characterized by increased sales of lawnmowers. Grass cutting is vital, but at which height should the grass be cut in summer and spring? As you cut your grass, ensure that you retain enough grass to prevent moisture loss and keep weeds from thriving within the lawn. Different grass types have recommended heights that you should look to maintain. The grass clippings can serve as organic manure and will replenish the fertility of your lawn.

Repair bare and uneven areas

Uneven areas are sure to stress your lawn and create undesirable patches after mowing. Your grass will have poor growing conditions that will jeopardize the overall look of your lawn. Weeds and diseases can also take advantage of the situation and make a mess of your lawn. Using a shovel, you can take care of this state in no time. You simply need to fill up the depressed areas while leveling the raised areas.

Apply appropriate herbicides

Herbicides help to keep your lawn free from weeds. Apply herbicides in the right quantities as an excess application may damage your grass and cause more harm than good. Your weed problem should inform the amount of herbicide that you use for your lawn. It is also important to find out the herbicides that are best suited for the type of grass on your lawn.

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