Residential Landscaping Company Rules Of Thumb You Should Follow

A Professional Landscaping Designer Provides Expert Advice

Designing your own garden can be a great way to make your property more beautiful. A new look also provides the homeowner with a great sense of accomplishment and pride. Yet, projects like this can cause many problems and the need to redo many steps. There are ways to avoiding unwanted hassles when designing and creating your garden. Among them are several rules of thumb you should follow. Listed below are some of the ideas a professional landscaping designer can provide.

Avoid garden bed stinginess

One of the residential landscaping company rules of thumb you should follow is to make the garden beds large. The size of the garden beds plays a significant role when it comes to planting flowers. It helps to ensure that the new plants have enough space to thrive and grow without harming one another. It also affects appeal as beds which are too small ruin the sought-after effect. As a general rule, you should always design sections which are at least 4 inches wide at their narrowest point. Also, never forget to factor in the size of the plants when matured. For instance, a certain flower may seem small and compact at first but with time it starts to occupy the entire bed.

Work in layers to avoid plant confrontations

Another residential landscaping company advice you should follow is to always work in layers. This involves using the reversed nature order trick. Begin with the trees which are the topmost and create shade. Move to the middle-sized plants, including shrubs and smaller trees. As an end, work on the bottom layer which contains the flowers, grasses, and groundcovers. Be sure to consider which plants are suitable for each layer and how to plant them to avoid confrontations. This will prevent the dying out or crippling of each species.

There are several rules you should follow when it comes to designing your garden. These include avoiding garden bed stinginess and working in layers to avoid plant confrontations. If you would like to learn more, contact a professional residential landscaping contractor such as Quintero's Landscape Services in Victorville, CA.