Residential Landscape Maintenance Steps You Should Take In Spring

Expert Landscaping Contractor Tips

Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. It is the time when plants bloom and when nature awakens from its winter sleep. A time when the days grow longer and warmer. Yet, it is also a time when you need to prepare your garden for the summer. There are several steps which you should take when preparing your plants for the hot summer weather. Listed below are some of the measures a professional landscaping contractor take into account.

Prune and transplant

One of the residential landscape maintenance steps you should take in spring is to prune some species such as crepe myrtle, potentilla and butterfly bush, and more. By doing this, you help the plants to better grow once summer arrives. You should also transplant some of your plants so their root systems need time to adjust and adapt. Be sure to keep a wheelbarrow full of soil nearby.

Add flower bed mulch and test the soil

Another residential landscape maintenance tip you could use is to add mulch to your flower beds. This will protect your plants and reduce the amount of water you need to use during watering the garden. The mulch can also add a unique look to the beds and serve as a fertilizer. Before applying it, you should consider having the soil tested. This is essential for both your lawn and flowers such as holly and azaleas. Be sure to apply the materials which they need such as lime or pine nuggets.

There are a few things which you should bear in mind when preparing your garden for summer. These include pruning some of your shrubs and trees and transplanting some flowers. Adding mulch to flower beds as well as testing the soil are also two of the things landscapers always do. If you would like to learn more, contact a professional landscaping maintenance contractor such as Quintero's Landscape Services in Victorville, CA.