Common Topsoil Landscaping Myths Which Can Ruin Your Garden

A Professional Landscape Contractor Explains Some Of The Common Misconceptions

Topsoil is one of the essential parts of your garden. It contains large amounts of organic matter which plants use as nutrients for their growth. It is also one of the essential elements which determine how healthy they are. Yet, there are times when despite your efforts, your plants just do not thrive. Among the reasons for such a situation are certain misconceptions about this topsoil. Listed below are some of these myths provided by a professional landscape company.

Topsoil is always the same

One of the common topsoil landscaping myths which can ruin your garden is “the one size fits all” idea. Similar to how your landscape‚Äôs microclimate differs from others, the uppermost part of the ground acts the same. For instance, your soil may contain more organic matter compared to the neighboring beds. It can also have a different composition such as high content of sand. Due to such differences, always check the beds before working.

Rich topsoil does not need fertilizing

Another common topsoil landscaping myth is that rich layers do not need fertilizing. While the rich patches do need less fertilizing, at times, you should apply a product by yourself in order to create balance. Plants tend to remove nutrients from the soil over the years which results in gradual exhaustion of the layer and its inability to support further growth. To avoid such situations, perform tests once a year. If the nutrients are low in %, consider using granular or liquid fertilizer.

There are several common topsoil myths which can ruin your garden and we listed just a few above. For further information or consultation with an expert, contact a professional landscape company such as Quintero's Landscape Services in Victorville, CA.